Sega GT

Released: 27 Aug 2000

Categories: Shooter, Racing, Simulator

Game Modes: Single player, Multiplayer, Split screen

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With a nod towards GT2, Sega tosses in their entry in the race-career-category, meaning that this game is all about racing. Racing to win competitions, cars, money and other prizes (such as licenses for bigger cars), buying new cars to race in, upgrading cars to race in and gaining licenses to race with. It features realistic controls, graphic and physics, and spans over career, multiplayer or arcade modes, and hundreds of cars to boot.

Game Test Reports

StatusSpeedRom TypeTested byReicast VersionTested OSTested RendererTest HardwareTest DurationCommentTest Date
5 - Fully Workinggdi/chd/cueGrabisoft95f4c8eWindows (x64)< 10 mins2019.04
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