NFL Blitz 2001

Released: 11 Oct 2000

Categories: Sport

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All of the big plays and bone-crunching hits of the arcade game can be put in the palm of your hand with NFL BLITZ 2001. As with all BLITZ games, football has been reduced to a high-scoring seven-on-seven affair. Pick your squad from any of the 31 NFL teams and go at it in the Season or Arcade modes. Arcade mode has you challenge all of the teams in the league to a game, while Season mode puts you through the paces of a 16-game season, the playoffs, and a chance to win the Super Bowl. No matter what mode you play, you won't miss a second of the action thanks to the multiple camera angles that are available. Whenever there is a great play, the digitized voice of the announcer will let you know, and you will be treated to a full-motion video sequence. Get into the game with NFL BLITZ 2001.

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5 - Fully WorkingGrabisoft26e43ed2019.03.26
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