NBA Hoopz


Released: 11 Feb 2001

Categories: Sport

Game Modes: Single player, Multiplayer

Player Perspectives: Side view

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Get ready for some seriously hot hoops action in the three-on-three court competition of NBA HOOPZ from Midway. In the grand tradition of NBA JAM and NFL BLITZ, arcade-style gameplay is the order of the day. Select your team of three NBA stars and try to outscore the computer or up to three of your friends in frantic basketball madness. If you sink three baskets in a row you even catch on fire! Or make three consecutive double-dunks or alley-oops and watch as your whole team ignites. A simplified control scheme (with only four buttons to learn) assists you as you shake up the court, performing death-defying skyhooks and stylish underhanded swooshes. When you tire of the pros, simply create your own player or team: start with an NBA player template and alter height, weight, and other physical features until you've got the ultimate arena warrior. There is also a slew of mini-games to master like 21, Three-Point Shootout, Around the World, and 2-ball, and you can catch all the most exciting game moments in slow-motion replays. The court is always ablaze with action in NBA HOOPZ for the Dreamcast.

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