Fur Fighters

Released: 22 Jun 2000

Categories: Shooter, Platform, Puzzle

Game Modes: Single player, Multiplayer, Split screen

Player Perspectives: Third person

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A group of baby stuffed animals are kidnapped from their families by the Stupid Bears (an evil gang of stuffed teddy bears, of all things!), and it is up to the Fur Fighters to save the young ones. The group that you control ranges from Kangaroos and Penguins to Cats and Dogs, all with their unique abilities and styles of fighting, which you must use to not only defeat the Stupid Bears, but complete puzzles and specific objectives along the way. You can control only one character at a time, but there are teleport areas so that you can change your character to one that can complete the tasks at hand.

Game Test Reports

StatusSpeedRom TypeTested byReicast VersionTested OSTested RendererTest HardwareTest DurationCommentTest Date
1 - No Ingamegdi/chd/cueFlyinghead8751e55Linux (x64)ogl4.1< 10 mins2019.03.28
3 - Has GlitchesGrabisoft26e43ed2019.03.26
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