Crazy Taxi 2

Released: 27 May 2001

Categories: Racing

Game Modes: Single player

Player Perspectives: Third person

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Much like the original, the core gameplay in Crazy Taxi 2 centers around picking people up at destinations which are highlighted with colored rings, and dropping them off at stated destinations. Crazy Taxi 2 added multiple pickups, which enabled the player to carry multiple passengers, (previously it was restricted to one passenger per journey). The game also saw the introduction of the &quote;Crazy Hop&quote; feature, which allows the player to jump over certain surfaces to save time, as they taxi passengers around the locations. By performing moves such as the &quote;Crazy Hop&quote; and the &quote;Crazy Dash&quote;, the driver accumulates tips from their passengers, which increases the total score. This sequel includes a modified soundtrack with rock bands The Offspring and Methods of Mayhem. The game also has some online modes in the form of a scoreboard, and replay-sharing.

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3 - Has GlitchesGrabisoft26e43ed2019.03.26
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