ChuChu Rocket!

Released: 10 Nov 1999

Categories: Puzzle, Strategy

Game Modes: Single player, Multiplayer, Split screen

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The object of the game is to guide one or more mice (&quote;ChuChus&quote;) around a board into one or more goals while avoiding cats (&quote;KapuKapus&quote;) roaming the board. The mice and cats all move in predictable paths by always turning right when hitting a wall head on, by following corners or by turning around when in a dead end. ChuChu Rocket!'s multiplayer mode revolves around up to four players placing arrows on the level at once, trying to direct mice into their own rockets and cats into other players' rockets (any cat that reaches a rocket removes a percentage of the mice within). Each player can only have three arrows on-screen at a time and cannot place them on other players' arrows or their own arrows. Arrows would disappear over time, or could be removed by a player placing his fourth arrow (which would eliminate the first arrow placed, thus leaving three). Although a simple concept, this quickly becomes frenetic with the relentless speed of the mice and four players fighting over them.

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4 - Has Quirksgdi/chd/cueGrabisoft95f4c8eWindows (x64)< 10 mins2019.04
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